Anti-Slamming Gate /Door For Gate up to 110cm wide/ 80kg

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    Anti-Slamming Gate / Door For Gate up to 110cm wide/ 80kg

    Stops Gates and Doors Slamming making noise insuring an entire closing using a hydraulic mechanism silently engages in the last 10º of a gate or door swing closure. The retaining brake is a unique solution for an age old problem of high wind and drafts slamming doors and gates. Eliminates possible Gate/Door Slams Easy to install - Can be installed Vertical or Horizontal.


    Stops Gate and Doors Slamming - Catches the gate or door in the last 

    10 percent of closure and Gently closes it. 


    Stop Gates Slamming making noise 

    Assures and entire closing 

    Eliminates possible Gate / Door Slams

    Easy to install - Can be installed Vertical or Horizontalsible Gate/Door Slams